Meet the Founder

Maturing with Grace and Power

Looking to inspire your congregation or organization? Mother Spann is a tell it like it  is powerful speaker! Invigorate your audience to action. She speaks on various topics and does it with a sweet discerning spirit. In times like these, where depression, disconnection, and apathy run rampant, Mother Spann has a way of grounding all who are under the sound of her voice. Well into her 90s she is a resource of love and information. Join her in her effort to rebuild the essense of the community by magnifying the voice of the neglected: our elders, a true resource for the entire community.

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Advocacy Organization is dedicated to partnering with our local churches and communities to create a "just society" in which all seniors are able to live free of violence and abuse of every kind.


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Registered Charity: 12345-67

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